Do you think to try WhatsApp Aero? If yes then this is the right place for you here we’ll see everything that you need to know about WhatsApp Aero and at final of this post we’ll share real users reviews about WhatsApp Aero that help you to choose whether Aero WhatsApp really made for you or not!

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps globally, with over 2 billion active users. While the official WhatsApp offers a smooth messaging experience, many users wish for more customization and extra features. This is where WhatsApp mods like WhatsApp Aero come in.

What is WhatsApp Aero?

WhatsApp Aero is a modded version of the original WhatsApp app developed by independent developers. It offers all the core messaging features of WhatsApp along with tons of additional customization options and privacy tools.

Some of the key highlights of WhatsApp Aero include:

  • Thousands of themes to customize the look and feel
  • Advanced privacy controls like hiding last seen, blue ticks, etc.
  • Ability to schedule messages to be sent later
  • Increased forward limit from 5 chats to 250
  • DND mode for interrupted messaging
  • Inbuilt app lock for enhanced security
  • Anti-revoke and anti-delete features
  • Dual accounts support

In a nutshell, WhatsApp Aero aims to enhance the messaging experience by providing users more control and personalization. This is what makes it popular among WhatsApp fans looking for something extra than the official version.

Key Features of WhatsApp Aero

Here are some of the most useful features that make WhatsApp Aero stand out:

Themes & Customization

WhatsApp Aero offers an astounding collection of over 3,000 themes. You can find tons of variants to customize the home screen, chat windows, and even the smallest elements like icons and ticks. This level of personalization sets it apart from the regular WhatsApp.

Some other handy customization perks include different text fonts, the ability to tweak UI colors, and options to change the app icons. You can basically revamp the interface as per your liking.

Advanced Privacy Controls

Privacy is a major concern for many WhatsApp users. WhatsApp Aero aims to alleviate these worries by incorporating additional privacy tools.

Some of the notable privacy features are:

  • Freeze last seen to show always online/offline
  • Hide blue ticks for selective chats or contacts
  • Disable read receipts for groups
  • Stealth mode to hide online status
  • Hide chat content previews from the notification bar

With these nifty controls, you can limit what others can see about your WhatsApp activity.

Message Scheduling

WhatsApp Aero allows scheduling messages to be sent automatically at a specified date and time in the future. This can be super handy when you want to wish someone on their birthday or send meeting reminders.

No more worrying about forgetting to send an important message. Just schedule it in advance with WhatsApp Aero!

Increased File Sharing Limit

WhatsApp has restrictions on how many files or how large the files you can send in one go. WhatsApp Aero stretches these limits to allow sharing more content easily.

You can send video files up to 50MB in size (10MB on WhatsApp) and up to 90 image files at once (10 files on WhatsApp). Video calling quality is also enhanced to 720p resolution.

Dual Account Support

With official WhatsApp, you can only use one number per device. WhatsApp Aero removes this limitation by letting you add two accounts on the same phone.

Whether you have business and personal numbers or home and travel numbers, dual account support has got you covered. Switching between the two accounts is easy too.

Inbuilt Lock & DND Mode

WhatsApp Aero provides native app lock capabilities so you can password-protect it from unauthorized access. There is also a DND mode that will mute all notifications when enabled.

These add-ons boost privacy, and security, and prevent disturbance when you want to focus.

Aero WhatsApp APK Download (Latest Version) 2024

Download the Aero WhatsApp APK Latest Version from the below-mentioned download link. This download link redirects you to the download page of WhatsApp Aero where you can choose versions or themes that you want in your Aero Whatsapp.

APK NameAero WhatsApp
Latest Versionv9.93
Android5.1 and above
Updated1 day ago

Recommendation: GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp Plus.

How Does WhatsApp Aero Compare to Official WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp Aero is based on the original WhatsApp code, there are a few key differences:

  • Extra features – WhatsApp Aero has a ton of additional features like theming, scheduling, privacy tools, etc. missing in the original WhatsApp
  • Customization – You get abundant customization options to modify the interface and components like fonts, icons, colors, etc. WhatsApp offers limited change options.
  • Updated regularly – WhatsApp Aero sees frequent updates to bring improvements and fixes. WhatsApp updates less frequently.
  • Data safety – There are concerns about WhatsApp Aero being less secure than official WhatsApp and the risks of bans due to ToS violations.
  • Legality – WhatsApp Aero is not an authorized app. Using third-party mods violates WhatsApp’s terms and conditions.

In summary, WhatsApp Aero enhances WhatsApp with more features and personalization, but you need to be cautious regarding security and legality when using such mods.

Is WhatsApp Aero Safe to Use?

When using any third-party modded app, safety is a common concern. Here are a few key points about WhatsApp Aero’s safety:

  • It does not contain any malware or viruses – as long as you download from trusted sources
  • Your chats and data remain encrypted end-to-end, like on official WhatsApp
  • However, there is a ban risk since it violates WhatsApp’s ToS
  • WhatsApp can block accounts using unauthorized mods without warning
  • Some features like anti-revoke may work partially and have bugs
  • Backing up chats outside of Google Drive is recommended

While WhatsApp Aero itself is safe, you need to be careful about potential account bans. Also, some features may be unstable. Overall, it is advisable to use an alternative number and back up your data externally.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Aero

Downloading WhatsApp Aero is easy and straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest WhatsApp Aero APK from a trusted source like and make sure to use latest uc browser for this.
  2. On your Android phone, enable “Install from Unknown Source” in settings if not allowed already
  3. Locate and install the downloaded APK file
  4. Upon opening the app for the first time, enter your phone number
  5. WhatsApp will send a verification code via SMS to activate your account
  6. Once verified, you can start using WhatsApp Aero!
  7. Optionally, restore your chat history from a local WhatsApp backup

And you’re all set! The installation process should take just a few minutes.

For those who already have WhatsApp Aero on his device and want to share with friends can download xender to do this.

Tips and Tricks for Using WhatsApp Aero

Here are some handy tips to get the best experience using WhatsApp Aero:

  • Frequently backup chats externally in case of a ban
  • Use a secondary number if concerned about a ban on your primary number
  • Enable DND mode while gaming or working to avoid distractions
  • Schedule good morning/good night messages to loved ones automatically
  • Hide last seen and blue ticks from contacts you don’t want stalking you
  • Lock WhatsApp Aero with a pattern/PIN to keep your chats secure
  • Disable media previews on notifications for extra privacy
  • Check the Aero Themes section for fresh theme updates regularly
  • Turn on anti-revoke to see deleted messages like on WhatsApp Plus
  • Adjust video upload limits as needed when sharing large files or movies
  • Disable voice calls if facing major bugs or glitches with calls

Comparison of WhatsApp Aero with Other WhatsApp Mods

Let’s see how WhatsApp Aero fares when compared with other popular WhatsApp mods:

WhatsApp Plus – Very similar features. But Aero has better themes and icon customization. The anti-revoke feature also works better on Aero.

GBWhatsApp – Aero provides a smoother experience and regular updates. Privacy tools are better in Aero too. But GBWhatsApp has more formatting options.

YOWhatsApp – Comparable features but Aero has better optimization. YOWhatsApp has wider language support for international users.

FMWhatsApp – Very comparable overall. However, the file-sharing limit is higher in Aero. FMWhatsApp has better auto-reply functions.

GBWhatsApp PRO – The Features of the GBWhatsApp Pro and Aero WhatsApp are very similar and there is only themes and ui difference. but some fetures you only get in the GBWhatsApp Pro.

WhatsApp Aero stands out for its focus on customization, privacy, and user experience. The themes are its biggest strength over other mods. Regular updates also set it apart.

What are the Risks of Using WhatsApp Aero?

Although WhatsApp Aero is safe to use, there are a few risks involved:

Account ban

Using third-party mods violates WhatsApp’s terms and can result in permanent bans.

Data loss

Backing up chats externally is risky. A ban can lead to losing your chat history.

Buggy experience

Some features may not work properly leading to a choppy user experience.

Security issues

While the app is secure, some features like anti-revoke could have vulnerabilities.


You are using an unauthorized modified version of WhatsApp which is legally questionable.

These risks can be mitigated by using a secondary number, frequently backing up chats, avoiding buggy features, and exercising caution in sharing sensitive information.

How to Stay Safe When Using WhatsApp Aero?

Here are some tips to use WhatsApp Aero safely:

  • Use a secondary number not linked to your primary WhatsApp account
  • Back-up chats every 1-2 weeks externally in case of a ban
  • Turn off suspicious or buggy features causing issues
  • Don’t share very sensitive or compromising information
  • Download from trustworthy sources like to avoid malware
  • Use strong passwords/patterns for app lock and chat backup
  • Avoid unknown links or files from contacts to be secure
  • Monitor account activity and enable two-factor authentication
  • Refrain from overly abusing WhatsApp terms to lower ban risk

Exercising caution, using strong passwords, and regular backups can help offset the risks and keep your account secure.

How to Back Up WhatsApp Aero Chats?

Since Google Drive backup does not work for WhatsApp Aero, you need to back up chats externally:

Local Backup

  • Go to WhatsApp Aero Settings > Chats > Chat Backup
  • Tap Backup to locally save messages, call logs, settings, etc.

External Storage

  • Navigate to WhatsApp Aero folder on device storage via a file manager
  • Copy the Databases folder to cloud storage, laptop, or PC periodically
  • Optionally, set up automated Google Drive or Dropbox backup for the folder

Other Apps

  • Use dedicated backup apps likeDUMPs WA Backup to schedule backups
  • Syncs chat to formats readable across devices without WhatsApp

Regular local and external backups are essential to avoid losing data if your account gets banned.

How to Restore Chats on WhatsApp Aero?

If you need to restore chats on WhatsApp Aero, here is how:

Local Restore

  • Go to WhatsApp Aero Settings > Chats > Chat Restore
  • Tap Restore to retrieve chats, logs, and settings from the local backup

External Backup

  • Copy back the Databases folder from cloud storage to the WhatsApp Aero folder
  • Chats will be restored upon reopening WhatsApp Aero
  • Or use apps like DUMPs WA Backup to directly transfer backup

New Device

  • When activating WhatsApp Aero on a new device, it will prompt to restore
  • Tap RESTORE to transfer chats and data from the local backup of the old device

As long as you have a recent backup, you can easily restore chats if needed.

How to Uninstall WhatsApp Aero Safely?

Follow these steps to cleanly uninstall WhatsApp Aero:

  • First, back up your chat history and media using external backup apps
  • Export chat histories if needed for migrating to another app
  • Now go to your device settings and select Apps
  • Look for WhatsApp Aero in the apps list and tap it
  • Select Uninstall and confirm to remove the app and related data
  • Alternatively, you can go to Play Store > Installed apps > WhatsApp Aero > Uninstall
  • Once uninstalled, install official WhatsApp if needed and import old chats

Uninstalling via the standard method will safely remove WhatsApp Aero from your device without residual files.

User Reviews of WhatsApp Aero

Here are some real user reviews for WhatsApp Aero from various tech forums and communities. these reviews are based on real usage and from real users and contain good and bad opinions these reviews definitely help you to know is Aero WhatsApp is actually good for you or not! as we mentioned earlier in this post.

The best part is the themes – there are SO many cool ones to choose from! Way better than any other WA mod I’ve used. Plus the extra privacy is great.”

Guru RT.

It was working well initially but lately, I’m facing a lot of bugs in features like video calls and voice messages. Feels very patchy now.”


Anti-revoke is a killer feature! Saved me from so much miscommunication. Also love scheduling messages when I don’t want to forget important stuff.”

Tom A.

Got banned after using it for only 2 weeks! Should have stuck to FMWhatsApp. Make sure to backup chats externally.”

Sam Karan

Much lighter than GBWhatsApp and doesn’t heat up my old phone. The themes make it look so good too. Loving it so far.”

Rahul Singh

In summary, users praise the theming options and extra features but some face bugs or ban issues. Proper backups and safe usage are recommended.


WhatsApp Aero enhances the messaging experience through better customization and privacy without compromising core functions. However, being an unofficial mod does pose some risks. As long as you use it carefully by backing up chats, avoiding bugs, and hiding sensitive information, WhatsApp Aero provides an excellent customized messaging platform for your needs. Just be vigilant and use a secondary number to stay safe.

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